Worth council’s time

Dear Editor:

City Council should be congratulated for trying to save the Given Institute by rezoning rather than by spending an exorbitant amount of money in lean times.

Congratulations are particularly in order after one of Aspen’s usually more sensible pundits, having dispensed some boilerplate about being “as much in favor of historical and cultural preservation as the next guy,” proceeds to mock that preservation by comparing it to “Don Quixote tilting at windmills,” describes Council as “whirling like a dervish on acid,” then dismisses the matter as a “little dustup which distracts the city from its usual duties.”

Preserving its own heritage is one of the city’s duties, and any plan that could simultaneously save a treasured facility and $15 million is surely worth a few moments of council’s time.

Council, in turn, needs to do something right after having approved, as part of a deal without public comment, a view-blocking superbox on the Wienerstube site that will permanently blight our human-scaled town. That, rather than commendable efforts to save the Given, is the issue that is poised to strike back.

Bruce Berger