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Worst president ever?

Dear Editor:Bush as president, over the last four years, amounts to the worst job as president recorded over the last, past century.Bush has run a federal deficit over the last three years and is projected for an even bigger deficit when his fourth year ends. The federal deficit for 2003 was $374.3 billion, is $395.8 billion so far in 2004, and is projected to end in 2004 at $445 billion. The Bill Clinton four previous years in office to Bush’s had logged four consecutive years of budget surplus. Bush now gets credit for having 1.1 million fewer jobs in America than when he took office, as well.In 2003, Bush also gets credit for increasing the number of U.S. people in poverty by 1.3 million, to 35.9 million total (a 12.5 percent increase). Bush also gets credit for increasing the number of U.S. uninsured people by 1.4 million, to 45 million total (a 15.2 percent increase). Bush is still in favor of the $15 hourly minimum wage freeze. The federal trade deficit for 2003 was at about $500 billion, and is projected, so far for 2004, to be at about $600 billion (a 15 percent increase this year).Leading Republicans in Washington (including Bush) lean toward killing the IRS and replacing all federal income and corporate taxes with a national retail sales tax. A congressional tax committee has estimated that a national sales tax would have to add 30 percent to the price of most goods and services to keep the government running.The Bush administration is virtually going on its third year in a row of huge federal deficits, still spending billions a year on wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that are projected to last four more years, and pushing for huge tax cuts for the wealthy, while overlooking the rest of average working America. We have also gone from being 30 percent dependent on foreign oil some 30 years ago in the Nixon era to being currently 60 percent foreign oil dependent under Bush.Couldn’t virtually anybody be better off for president than Bush? Hasn’t Bush proved to us all? Unconditionally!Doc PhilipCarbondale

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