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Worst of two evils

Dear Editor:

It’s so bizarre that on neo-con radio you hear Rush, Savage and Hannity call torture (they call it humiliation or hazing) OK. That it’s OK to torture Iraq’s military combatants.

Rush said, “It’s just like the skull and bone rituals,” it’s just “men blowing off steam,” that it’s an “emotional release.” Bush and Rumsfeld have even said they were ashamed of the way the combatants have been “humiliated.”

What has come out on our mainstream news is nothing compared to the true torture, raping and mass murders of military combatants and civilian men, women and children that I researched back in November of last year. You can go to http://www.infowars.com to see the complete torture archives, if your stomach can take it. This is the same stuff Rush pooh-poohs and Bush apologizes for.

Isn’t it a coincidence that a couple of years ago, all the police and attorney shows on TV started showing the valid use of torture to get confessions or to rough up a suspect?

What a wonderful propaganda tool the TV can be. Maybe, just maybe, torture is Satan’s revenge for Mel Gibson’s movie coming out.

Before you pooh-pooh me, I will tell you that I researched the draft and found that it was in true planning stages before Bush declared war. The draft will be for both men and women between the ages of 18-34 for combat, and 34-49 for homeland work. You can go to


and see for yourself.

Or you can get hypnotized by daily trivia, maybe even get caught up in the political dog fight between a lying, elite, blue-blooded neo-con, occult worshiper; or pick the great wishy-washy, elite, blue-blooded, occult-worshiping communist.

You just gotta love this country. Where no matter who you pick or wins, we get the worst of two evils.

Cliff Hughes

Glenwood Spring

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