World class getting too expensive |

World class getting too expensive

In response to Su Lum’s article on property taxes, yes, I did get my tax bill, but, no, I was not surprised. Every time a tax increase issue or bond issue comes up, this community continually votes yes. That is fine, but why do we as a community of maybe 10,000 people constantly vote to have everything “world class” or “the best”? The pool, the ice rink, the school campus, and on and on. It is always about having “world class” and “the best.” Just plain good is not enough for this community. So now we are faced with paying the bill, and many of us are not real happy about that. I don’t know, but when you do the math, paying for just the construction, let alone the maintenance, is enough to make me realize that we have our hands full at least for the rest of my life. And that school campus is really amazing considering that this country was founded on people educated in one-room school houses. I am not saying we don’t need to take care of taking care; rather I just wish we could be a bit more satisfied with adequate, good facilities that accomplish the same thing at a fraction of the price.After all, my Toyota is half as expensive as a Land Rover, and truth be known, probably works better to boot. And no I don’t miss computerized suspension and GPS gadgetry not found on my Toyota. I will pay my taxes, enjoy the facilities, and there is no arguing it will be really cool. I just hope we, as a community, appreciate these facilities because we are paying out the *&%$, and things are not looking real bright as far as a future property tax break is concerned. They are world class facilities. But I assure you, our tax bills are out of this world as well. But the big question I just cannot come to grips with is that, for a community that is so completely opposed to growth and development, which for years has completely poo-pooed cement and pavement of any kind, which is constantly on the open space bandwagon, how could we have approved what we have approved?If you don’t know what I am talking about, just drive out to the high school. It resembles in every aspect the development and construction of the new Mile High stadium. And stamped on everything “world class.” Pool, parks, ice rink, auditorium, track, club houses, everything. World class! How does this mentality in any way, shape or form help to preserve our local environment or control the development of our precious little community. I think it sucks. I am sick of development, sick of construction, and sick of a politically correct society that, by and large, talks about big preservation and votes for big development. Thank God that in five minutes from just about any corner of the valley I can escape to what it is really all about in the first place, at least in my eyes – the mountains and environment surrounding the madness.And actually, that aspect of life around here continues to get better and better. I just hope I, and people like me, can continue to afford to live here in the future. Mike MaroltAspen


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