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‘Words of Much Deception’

Dear Editor:Sometimes our justice system gets a bit off focus.Martha Stewart went to prison for allegedly lying to investigators about $55,000 profit. Prosecutors used perjured testimony to convict her.Bush and his men lied to the American voters about the Iraq nuclear and biological weapons. He sent his house boy, Colin Powell, to the U.N. to push these lies. The story was the U.S. knew these weapons were there, no, maybe, or just suspicions based on dubious sources. The U.S. costs have been 1,050 mostly young men and a few women killed, and thousands more injured, many mangled for life.There’s plenty of WMD, but in the Bush case it’s “Words of Much Deception.” Bush seems to sleep well – after all its OPK, or Other People’s Kids, that got to Iraq.Bill GreenwoodAspen

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