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Word from Evans

Jeffrey Evans
southern Basalt

Imagine my surprise when I read in Wednesday’s Aspen Times that I was unavailable for comment, and that my “phone number had been disconnected, according to a recorded message.”

Qwest had assured me that a message alerting callers to my new number would be in place for 90 days, and just last week I had called to request a 90-day extension of that service. Turns out, they have been telling callers there is no further information for my phone number since some time in December.

Qwest’s rather egregious error was compounded by The Aspen Times report, which made it appear that I am no longer in the valley.

I can’t imagine the sense of gloom that must have settled over the Times staff at the contemplation of the loss of one of their favorite political pinatas, so I am sure they will be happy to rectify the false impression created by the phone company’s screwup.

In case anyone had an experience similar to The Aspen Times, please note that I can be reached at 927-6416.