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Woodward out of touch on media

Dear Editor:In Wednesday’s article “Woodward offers insight on Bush, Nixon, politics,” by Catherine Lutz, Bob Woodward offers a hopelessly out-of-touch assessment of the current media environment.”He spoke of his continuing faith in the press, which depends on owners who support their newsrooms … . Woodward said that news services should stick to their responsibility of getting all the facts.”Today’s owners are wholly dependent on their investors, who increasingly have more to lose than ever from truly independent investigative reporting. Rogers Ailes, the old Reagan political director, runs FOX News, and the Rev. Moon prints the Washington Times. Viacom, GE and other corporate entities are carving up the rest. The barriers that once existed between journalism and commercialism are gone. It will take reporters – and editors – with incredibly strong journalistic ethics to reconstruct them.Martha Sterling-GoldenBath, Maine

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