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Won’t get fooled again

Dear Editor:

Here are a few more thoughts on “Burlingate.” (By the way, T-shirts will be on sale this summer).

After attending the city work session on Tuesday, it is obvious to me that some members of the current council are in denial. If they think that the new bond is in the bag, I would suggest they rethink their options. The phrase “once fooled ” twice a fool” comes to mind, and I do not think Aspen voters are fools.

I enjoyed Lynn Burton’s column comparing “Burlingate” to the “rail” deal that some tried to “railroad” down the throats of the community. We know that didn’t fare so well, nor will this bond issue unless the council can get back the trust of the voters. An interesting fact is that many of the rail proponents are the same people who used the “brochure of errors” to sell the voters back in 2005. I find that curious ” anyone else?

Andy Stone was right on target with his column, and it was fun to read.

Former mayor Helen Klanderud took a bullet ” not sure why ” nevertheless, I’m wondering if the city can bill her the $25 million we seem to be out? I might point out Helen was against Burlingame twice, sandwiched around her proclamation to respect the voters’ will.

Also, if housing is in “crisis,” as many claim, isn’t the crime not seriously looking at a few easy options that might be more cost efficient then the current subsidy program? Specifically, buying down two- and three-bedroom units now occupied by one person. I am not saying force them to move, but why not ask them if they’d be interesting in moving into a smaller unit and getting some cash in the deal?

And if housing is in “crisis,” why are we not maximizing the little land we have and putting in more units?

Maybe the government should focus on good governance and let a developer oversee “Burlingate.”

Finally this: If the subsidy for affordable housing (subsidized housing would be more accurate) is going to exceed $375,000 per unit, I’ll take the cash.

Andrew Kole