‘Wonderful World’

Dear Editor:(This letter was originally sent to President Bush.)You have the potential of making the largest footprint ever recorded in human history, and saving all of civilization from self-extinction due to exponential overpopulation at the same time!The maximum human population the Earth could ever support is between 10 and 11 billion. Humans have been growing exponentially over the last 100 years – from about 1 billion in 1900, to more than 6 billion in 2000. The current world population growth rate of 2.1 percent would have a doubling effect in 33 more years – exponential! The estimated 50 to 60 more years of exponential growth that would continue once birth control brakes are applied, even through guided management, is called the “whiplash effect.” If we applied the global birth control management brakes now, through someone’s world-class leadership, such as yours, (your “W” middle name could become “Wonderful World”), we could hit global human saturation numbers in another 33 years!If we wait until we hit global saturation numbers and no leadership and then apply the brakes, we face imminent self-extinction!What China did two years ago was make just one kid per family a national law. George, you could use this model, along with some other human population management guidelines, including more adoptions and tax-braking childless families as being the new world leader/ savior for saving all of mankind from extinction. Each human experience on earth could then become acknowledged with a special global “marketplace-style” nod and wink that you initiate. Starting by getting people’s global comfort level for use of condoms raised and available in every store and bar/restaurant globally, could also help.Doc PhilipCarbondale