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Women in Colorado made 17.2 percent less than men did in 2015

Danika Worthington
The Denver Post

Women are slowly edging closer to men’s pay in Colorado, but still fall short.

Their median weekly earnings in 2015 were 17.2 percent less, according to a recent report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

It’s a similar story nationwide. The smallest median weekly wage gap between the sexes was in Hawaii, where women made 87.9 percent of men’s pay. The biggest gap was in Wyoming, where women made 69 percent of men’s earnings.

Both women’s and men’s median weekly earnings were higher in Colorado compared to the nation as a whole. Women’s weekly earnings were $779 in Colorado and $726 nationally. Men’s weekly earnings were $941 and $895, respectively.

The wage gap in 2015 wasn’t as great as in 1997, when women made 74.6 percent of men’s median weekly earnings. But it wasn’t as narrow as in 2003, when women made 84.3 percent of men’s weekly earnings, according to BLS.

The gap has been closing in Colorado since 2013.

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