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Women for Romney

Dear Editor:

Really, women? This is what it has come to? The women’s movement saw you fighting for equal pay for equal work – rightfully so – and equal rights in other areas. You marched, demonstrated, burned your bras and demanded the right to open your own doors! “I am woman! Hear me roar!” Remember? You yelled your ability to stand on your own and be independent – as good as any man. Now you want help paying for your contraception choices? You want other people to pay for your recreational-sex liability? I find that very odd. If you, as an individual female, have a male interest – whether husband or a one-night stand – it would seem to me that the two of you take on that responsibility and expense. Then you can rightfully claim equality.

Personally, I believe American women are too smart to be suckered by claims of “War on Women” and allow that to be what defines their stance this election year. We have a $16 trillion debt and growing. I believe women are intelligent enough to realize that the 21 taxes hidden in the health care bill will cripple the middle class.

I believe women are on to deceitful men and wonder why this president says one thing when he knows the microphone is on and something else when he thinks it is off. Russia is no friend of the U.S., and yet Obama was encouraging Putin to wait until after this election when he would have more flexibility – to do things Putin wanted! Wise women will ask, “What is up with that?”

I believe smart women will see the vacuum of leadership in foreign policy, previously always filled by the U.S., and understand that the radical Islamists are rushing to fill it. With political correctness and this “lead from behind” foolishness, Sharia law in this country is a real possibility, and I believe that women have the insight to grasp what that could mean.

Real women ask why unemployment is higher for women than it has ever been. Private-sector jobs are not “up.” The Obama-campaign people love to manipulate numbers.

Discerning women will see a narcisstic man who goes to a fundraiser party when, on his watch, four Americans were brutally tortured and killed. We now know that there were signs and a warning of a serious threat.

Watch the Romneys. You will see love, affection and repect from Mitt toward Ann. If you listen to those who have known him over the years – not just as a politician – he cares, and he gives of his time, his money and his effort. He took the time to help a dying 14-year-old write his will. On Obama’s watch, we have four Americans tortured and killed – after warnings of a serious threat – and Obama goes to a fundraising party! A loving woman would understand the horror of such callous attitude.

Clean the White House in November!

Juanita R. Williams


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