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Women deserve better

Dear Editor: It is unfortunate that the author of the letter “Keep your zealous paws off me” (Aspen Times, Jan. 24) changed the radio station as soon as she heard the words “opponents of abortion” but this unwillingness to listen to the concerns of pro-lifers is not surprising. Pro-abortionists are often unwilling to enter into a constructive dialogue with pro-lifers. It is mind boggling how the author can compare overturning legalized abortion to slavery and indentured servitude. The only true comparison that can be made is how both slavery and abortion devalue life. Just like the times of slavery, where some lives were valued more than others, abortion values some lives but not others. Abortion clearly portrays the message that some lives are worth living, while other lives can be destroyed. We should value all life, not just those lives that are “wanted.” Furthermore, the abortion rate for minority women is far higher than the rate at which white women have abortions. One may conclude that the institution of abortion discriminates against black and Hispanic women and children. As a regular attendee of the March For Life, I have never seen a sign that reads “she’ll burn in hell.” Anyone who proclaims such bigotry is wrong. The majority of pro-life groups want to help women and children. Take Project Rachel, a post-abortion healing group in the Catholic Church. This group helps all women suffering from the pains of abortion regardless of their religious affiliation or lack of religious affiliation. It is a common attack that pro-lifers are “unconcerned about the children already on earth.” This is false. The Catholic Church is one of the largest providers of health care, education and social services in the world and also one of the most vocal opponents of abortion. Each year, the March For Life reminds us that since Roe vs. Wade, we have neglected the needs of 40 million children and their mothers. We have destroyed an entire generation since the legalization of abortion. It is time for women to stand up to pro-abortionists and demand the rights of their unborn children and their right to bring them into the world. Women deserve better than abortion. In this day of technological advancements, we can no longer destroy life in its most vulnerable form. Meghan O’NeillAspen

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