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Woman pleads guilty to stealing $5,000 in jewelry

Jennifer DavorenAspen Times Staff Writer

A Kansas woman arrested for a $5,000 shoplifting spree pleaded guilty to attempted theft Monday in Pitkin County District Court.Elizabeth Karr, 44, of Lawrence, Kan., wept softly as she admitted taking merchandise from five Aspen retailers in June. In pleading guilty to the Class V felony, Karr will not face prosecution for five additional counts of theft that resulted from her arrest nearly two months ago.Karr was apprehended by Aspen police on June 16 after a clerk at Pattie’s Gemagination Jewelers reported that two rings, each worth over $2,000, and a watch were missing. The clerk said she remembered that a woman wearing a guest pass for the Food & Wine Magazine Classic, allegedly with the name “Elizabeth Karr” on it, had left the store around the time the merchandise disappeared. The clerk also told police that the same woman was seen with her hand inside one of the display cases.Police found Karr at the Aspen Square Hotel, where she was questioned. An arrest warrant states that Karr denied taking part in the theft and showed APD officers a receipt from Pattie’s Gemagination for two silver band rings she had purchased on June 13. Police searched the premises with Karr’s permission and found a new titanium Citizen watch that was still on its display stand and a sterling silver ring with a purple stone in Karr’s suitcase.Karr told police she bought the ring in Kansas and the watch in Denver, but the Pattie’s clerk told police both items were identical to items sold at her store.Aspen police Detective Jim Crowley searched Karr’s purse, turning up several jewelry display stands as well as tags for jewelry and watches worth almost $6,000. The store clerk told police the stands are identical to those used at the store and several of the price tags matched rings missing from the store’s inventory.The search of Karr’s room also turned up several lower-priced items from Aspen stores, an arrest warrant shows. Police discovered two purses from Bloomingbirds; nine items, including candles and napkins, from Amen Wardy; 10 items such as perfumes and lotions from the Cos Bar; and four items from Les Chefs D’Aspen. The 25 items are worth a total of $1,200.Karr will be sentenced on Sept. 30.

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