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Wolves vs. Hummers

I enjoyed reading Tim Mutrie’s article “Coming soon to the woods near you” in last week’s Aspen Times Weekly. The picture of a captive wolf on the cover caught my eye in the newspaper rack, on the way home one night.

Unfortunately for me, the article focused too much on the political aspect of the reintroduction effort. I read commentary from the DOW, the USFWS, the Ted Turner Endangered Species Fund, Sinapu, the Colorado Sheep and Wool Authority, and the Colorado General Assembly in the main article.

Then in Steve Benson’s subsequent article “Endangered No More,” I read about the Idaho Fish and Wildlife Service, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, the Predator Conservation Alliance, the Wyoming Legislature and the aforementioned cast of characters, again.

It seems to me, that we should simply ask ourselves the question, “Does the wolf have any less right to live here than we do?”

This magnificent animal, which we could learn so much from, lived here for thousands and thousands of years in complete harmony with nature.

Since we executed all of them in the last 50-100 years, the deer and elk population has increased to a level which is now dangerous to both these species.

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Ken Ostrander’s comment that, “I have kids now that play outside,” illustrates, hilariously, the majority of people’s ignorance about wolves. The chances of your children even seeing a wolf in their lifetime is infinitesimally smaller than their chance of dying early due to obesity.

We talk, as a nation, frequently about “freedom” and how much we value it, yet we refuse to coexist in the West here with one of nature’s most glorious animals.

Perhaps more tolerance of others, and a lot more humility toward other animals on our earth, and other people on the planet, would go a long way to resolving some of our current problems.

The wolf belongs in Colorado more than a bright yellow Hummer, or a metallic silver Porsche Cayenne, if you know what I mean.

“Freedom” – yeah, bring it on!

Martin Suthren

Liverpool, England,

and Aspen