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Wishing Sarah well

Dear Editor:Thank you, Sarah Kennedy Roth, for sharing your talent as a storyteller and video coach with the children of the Aspen Elementary and Aspen Middle schools. You have given your time so generously to help children in our school district and it has not gone unappreciated.For those who have never had the good fortune to experience Sarah, her charisma, warmth and vitality are infectious. Children are flattered and captivated by Sarah’s sincere interest in their lives. She is a crusader for children who are reluctant participants, embracing the power of believing in yourself and pursuing your dreams. Her love for children and passion for storytelling have led Sarah on a quest to bring her positive message and enthusiasm to children everywhere. While we are losing a valued asset, those who know her applaud her for taking a challenging step in her temporary relocation to New York City in an attempt to bring her gift to children on a national scale. We will miss you, Sarah Kennedy Roth, but support you in pursuing your own dream of reaching out to make a better world for children. Tom HillsAspen

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