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Wishing Abelmann farewell

Dear Editor:

Art Abelmann, just prior to your departure, we had a conversation in which you stated that “every student has the right to feel safe and protected when they enter the doors of this school.” I’m so sorry that you were not able to enjoy that same level of safety.

For those of us who know you, there is no question in our minds that your rapid departure was not of your own doing. You have connected and touched the lives of every student and parent at Aspen High School. For you to leave without a “goodbye” is completely out of character. You are not the type to leave under the shadow of night. Not only the parents but moreover the students were deeply saddened by your departure. Please know that the students love and respect you. It is easy to earn the respect of children, but to earn their admiration takes something special and a deep connection.

It is doubtful we will ever learn the truth behind your departure. Please know our doors are open to you as friends. Our hope is that you land quickly on your feet in a school district that values both your skills and your ability to connect with the children, a school district in which politics don’t take precedence over the education of the children.

So to that regard we say happy trails to you – may we meet again soon. We will all keep our ears open to listen for the roar of your bike announcing your arrival.

Janet Underwood Hoover