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Wisdom from a former trustee

Dear Editor:Hi, my name is Mark Whalen, a past Carbondale trustee. Having a working association with all the candidates in this upcoming election, I would like to offer some thoughts for you consideration.The good news is, as a voting citizen of Carbondale, all the candidates are qualified and bring there own brand of small town politics and ideals to a competent board. The bad news is, the average citizen in Carbondale has no clearer view of where we are going as a town than was suggested we would have two years ago in the town’s last election.This is more a function of the current issues than the people making the decisions. The difficult issues are not easily answered but do require decisions so we can move forward. We have been lead to believe, and I also thought at one time attainable, that there is a happy place called the middle ground and in an effort to appease everyone we strove as a board to get there. The end result was many expensive and time-consuming exercises and studies to get somewhere that does not exist, and consequently we ensured that no one on any side of an issue was satisfied.So what do we do now, bury our heads in the sand or get out and vote? I say get out and vote! For me, some of the pressing issues that need to be put to rest:No additional or higher taxes.No building caps.Yes, commercial development at the Marketplace.Yes, voluntary historic preservation. If you agree with me on these views, I feel Michael Hassig, Stacy Bernot, John Foulkrod and Barry Maggert are best suited to move us towards these objectives.Mark WhalenCarbondale

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