Winter thoughts |

Winter thoughts

Winter is a serious time for writing, it puts you in a deep mood, and it’s to be shared with someone. There is just no time quite like it. It is spellbinding. And let us search out deeper feelings and test our thoughts. It is a time next to death ” the life has gone out from living matter. We are left alone without the accompaniment of nature. And some of our life has gone out from us. But, it’s a time to regroup and perhaps find a deeper meaning for life and our existence; it is a special time and to prepare ourselves to meet life new when it sprouts responding to its inner clock. We wait, we break some rules and take some liberties for some reason’s sake. And apply an antidote for regulation. And to prepare our reply and resist the encroachments of authority gone mad, of a world we have not made.

Steve Crawford

Glenwood Springs