WindWalkers says thank you |

WindWalkers says thank you

Dear Editor: The Crimson Club was a great success! WindWalkers sends a huge thank you out to everyone who made our fourth annual fundraiser a great event and a wonderful evening! The food was fabulous thanks to Nick Massie, Nelson Perkins and Dean Perkins. The music was wonderful; great jazz from the Jeannie Walla Quartet (Jeannie, Mark, Walt and Chris) and rockin bluegrass by the Frying Pan Bluegrass Band (Melissa and the guys). Catherine Store provided terrific wine and spirits (Rhonda, Cheryl, Roberta, Anne and all the crew). Special thanks to Rainy Day Designs for helping create the theme, posters, and invitations (Craig, Erin and Angie). The Carbondale firehouse transformed beautifully into a classy nightclub and was a wonderful venue for our event (Jenny). Thanks to Peak Party Rentals, Aspen Brewing Company, and Neil-Garing Insurance for providing services and discounts. The event was supported by generous table sponsorships provided by: Susan and Wilson Lyle, Steve and Lee Rittvo, Margaret and John Bender ( twice!), Hired Guns Surveying, and Union Specialties. The night was planned, organized and executed by the event committee: Lee Rittvo, Dean Perkins, Brooke Vick, and Anne Moll (auction planner extraor dinaire!). The volunteers at the event outdid themselves making the evening a fun, exciting night out for all: bartenders Andy, Blake and Katie; servers Cassidy, Jesse, Tory, Sam, Kristen and Rose; and other support from Mel, Tracey, Jill, Beth, Marie, Jeff, John, Sandi, and Julie. A giant thank you to all of the donors who gave so generously to the auction (way too many to list!); we had over 100 auction items, door prizes, mystery bags and thank you gifts. And finally, a big thank you to all our guests and families at the event your faith in our program and support (financial and emotional) are the heart of our organization. We are so proud to be a part of the Roaring Fork Valley and included in the lives of our clients and families. Thank you all! Molly Robison Executive director, WindWalkers Equine Assisted Learning & Therapy CenterCarbondale