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Wilson for Dist. 61

Dear Editor:

In a democratic society, government exists to provide for its citizens those services deemed necessary by that society that individuals, alone, cannot provide. Such activities include educational opportunities, infrastructure (roads, public facilities), water, sewer, garbage collection, fire protection, social and health services, security (sheriff, police), and other locally determined services (open space, art and culture, recreational opportunities.

In addition, elected officials, through policies and procedures, ordinances and regulations and laws are given the authority to preserve or create an environment that protects our quality of life (air, water, wildlife), reflects our responsibilities for stewardship of the planet, and secures opportunities and a role for Colorado’s citizens to learn, live, and work.

Such responsibilities require a healthy sense of purpose, confidence and self-assurance, and a strong understanding of process and procedures, established over time to assure success in a complex system of governance.

Roger Wilson exhibits the intelligence, integrity, persistence, interest, commitment and knowledge necessary to represent House District 61 in the Colorado State Legislature.

Dorothea Farris


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