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Willsky drops out of race

Naomi Havlen
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Anesthesiologist Dr. Eric Willsky has dropped out of the race for a seat on the Aspen Valley Hospital board of directors.

Citing a public perception that there are already enough physicians represented on the current board, Willsky announced his withdrawal after a candidate forum at the hospital Monday evening. Willsky said he has heard several people in the community questioning whether another doctor is needed on the board of directors.

Willsky said before the forum that he does not necessarily agree with the public’s perception of doctors on the board, saying the board “doesn’t adequately represent other physicians.”

But he added that the true reason for his departure is that he feels comfortable throwing his support behind three candidates: Elaine Gerson, John Jellinek and John Sarpa.

“Board members are elected every two years. I think there are some concerns, and it’s time to give the longtime board members a bit of a rest,” Willsky said during his closing statement at Monday night’s forum. “It’s time for the community to be heard with new board members, and the community should be proud of all the qualified candidates.”

Seven people are now running for three open seats on the board of directors, including the three incumbents. The candidates are: registered nurse Gerson, incumbent Tom Griffiths, incumbent Meg Haynes, Dr. Ann Mass, venture capitalist Jellinek, developer Sarpa and incumbent Chuck Torinus.

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