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Will the real blowhard please stand up?

Dear Editor:

Tricky Todd Coghi, the hit-and-run pundit of the letter pages, has now issued the pancake eating and coffee drinking challenge to me, to be held at the ‘stube, with Andy Stone presumably in attendance.

Along the way, this will-o-the-whisp referred to me as “the biggest blowhard, Johnny-come-lately phony that I’ve heard of in this town.” He inferred, furthermore, that my claim to a first on Highland Bowl is a bogus one, which implies that I have lied about this.

It’s sounding more and more like the defunct Lee Anne Marlets, to me. The style is similar to the last letter penned by that entity, which was addressed to me care of The Aspen Times, dated Dec. 9, 1999, with a fictitious Snowbunny Lane return address. It was wacko.

Surely this matter deserves better than the likes of a pancake eating contest to bring it to closure. My idea to resolve all this posturing and monkey motion will follow, but it may be somewhat illegal and not for the faint-hearted bystander.

I’ll stand lunch at the Wienerstube any day next week for both Roger Marolt and our Todd Coghi (and the one down the Bowl before me). Contact Andy at The Times to arrange this and he can pass the word along to me for the get-together. I understand that Roger and Todd have conversed on the phone earlier this month.

If only Roger can appear, then he shall buy the meal because Todd would then be relegated to phantom status. Should we become a threesome, we’ll need seating in the rear section, close to the door that opens onto the alley.

If “Todd” does not apologize to me, we will shortly be exiting by that rear door into the alley for intensive counseling. At the same time, the Marquis of Queensbury Rules will leave by the front door. Let’s find out who the blowhard is.

Pete Luhn


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