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Wildlife doesn’t need a bike trail

Dear Editor:Not understanding the complexities of the politics and finances involved with the new RFTA bike trail, I will stick to the simple basics. On the north side of the river, through the Catherine Store-to-Hooks Bridge area, there are thousands of us desperately wanting and needing a useful trail that would allow us safe, year-round bicycle access to our daily activities. On the south side of the river are thousands of wild animals that will be severely impacted by RFTA’s new trail.Maybe I should say there used to be thousands of animals over there. They all seem to be over here now. We have not seen a single deer on our hillside across the river since June. We now see deer looking lost and confused in our yard almost daily. Our latest addition to the neighborhood is a playful mink that has taken up residence in our front yard. While we love his/her company, we have to wonder why he/she has suddenly moved in.The ospreys, eagles, and falcons are that have frequented this stretch in the past are no longer seen, although the osprey, we have noticed during float trips, has taken up residence along the river below Catherine bridge. Although this stretch of river is fairly well populated on both sides without protection of public lands, it apparently suffers less traffic and disturbance does the previously undisturbed riverbanks above Catherine bridge. How does this all make sense?Kathy DukeCarbondale