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Wildfire visible from Glenwood Springs

Dennis Webb Glenwood Springs correspondent

Firefighters on Saturday battled a wildfire that broke out Friday night southwest of New Castle and grew to cover several acres.The fire originated on private land on Jolley Mesa, said Stephanie Brown, manager of the Grand Junction Air Center, which is coordinating firefighting efforts. The fire reportedly reached U.S. Bureau of Land Management property.A lightning strike is presumed responsible, Brown said. A lightning storm hit parts of Garfield County late Friday afternoon.Federal agencies were fighting the fire in cooperation with the Burning Mountains Fire Protection District and Garfield County Sheriffs Office. Ground equipment included five local engines and tenders, and three federal engines and a 20-person federal crew. Brown said authorities also have ordered up 20-person state.A helicopter and single-engine air tanker also fought the fire Friday evening until dark, with another aircraft supervising the airspace, Brown said.The fires smoke was visible Friday from Glenwood Springs. After dark, flames from the fire on the mesa top were clearly visible from the Interstate 70 corridor west of New Castle. The smoke provided for an orange-colored moonrise over the mesa top for viewers looking from the west of the fire.

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