Wieners in Space |

Wieners in Space

Toad has a fascination with wieners.

He and his wonderful gang of wackos at Buttermilk Kids Ski School used to have a daily ritual called Wieners in Space. They once gave the whole ski school an elaborate technical description of the process of finding a dead fly, attaching it to a piece of wiener, and sending it up on a bottle rocket to explode high above Buttermilk. It was wonderful and it brought all the kids classes together for the biggest moment of the day.

When I went to work at Buttermilk several years ago, I quickly learned that if I left my gloves lying alone on a table near Toad, I would find the fingers stuffed with wiener pieces when I tried to put them on.

So I went to this Toadally Awesome Day Thursday at Buttermilk – ready once again to cough up some cash for another magical character from our school who is really suffering.

I hope as many of you came as possible. We sure appreciate your help and contributions. We need Toad back with us. He’s like our center of gravity in the Buttermilk kids school.

I miss the wieners in my gloves.

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