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Why we should support the library

Dear Editor:

When those of us fortunate enough to live in the Pitkin County Library District vote in November, we will have the opportunity to vote “yes” to the proposal for essential expansion and renovation of the library we all know and love!

The library has always been the place for quiet time, research, meetings and events. With times changing and needs evolving, we have seen the progressive library staff and associated library supporters meeting these needs with creative solutions. As a result, we have a “Star Library,” recognized nationally and well-used locally.

We have come a long way since Walter Cronkite dedicated the “old library” on Main Street, one block then from the elementary and middle schools (Red and Yellow Brick) and across from Paepcke Park. (I believe we were protesting the first stop sign in Aspen at that corner then!) Things change!

Today’s plans include updated Internet access, emphasis on the needs of early-childhood education, attention to our incredible music collection, related support of the valley’s school programs and changing community needs. The current facility was designed with the understanding that the structure and its site would be modified to meet future needs.

Yearly reports to the public and to the Pitkin County commissioners identified use, needs, budget, staffing and evaluation. This current request for additional funding for documented growth and use needs follows many meetings and discussions and should come as no surprise to anyone. The proposed financial impact to our property tax is minimal and the benefits to the entire community immeasurable.

Work space, meeting space, study space and appropriate places for today’s young people and children must be a top priority for those of us who honor and wish to maintain our sense of community, valued resources and special places. The Pitkin County Library is, indeed, a special place.

Please vote “yes” for Pitkin County Library expansion and renovation.

Dorothea Farris


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