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Why taking charge of health and fitness helps lower medical costs

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Midland Fitness and 180° Wellness offer proven modalities such as an ozone steam sauna, oxygen lounge, massage, nutrition and supplement expertise, foot and shoe help and thermography.
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Stop pain and injuries before they begin or progress We can’t prevent accidents but we can reduce chronic pain and repetitive stress injuries. Injuries are often the result of loss of normal function. When continually over-stressed, the body eventually gives up and can no longer perform its normal duties. Dr. Vukelich, “When the body is kept in this tense, hypertonic state in bad posture for too long, injury is just a matter of time. We are seeing more injuries due to too much sitting and driving.” Chiropractors and Personal Trainers at Midland Fitness and 180 Wellness have developed a sound injury protocol. “First, we identify and treat the root issue (the actual site of injury and pain). Then we make sure that supporting structures are functioning well enough to avoid re-injury.” Then Chiropractors, Massage therapists and trainers re-educate the body to maintain this new position through proper exercise, posture and lifestyle changes.

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Corrective exercise at Midland Fitness and 180 Wellness offers fitness with purpose

By Lauren Glendenning
Brought to you by Midland Fitness and 180 Wellness

Most injuries that require surgery or physical therapy are the result of repetitive stress injuries, but if more people practiced corrective exercise, they could save themselves from severe and expensive injuries.

The experts at Midland Fitness and 180° Wellness are passionate about preventative health and wellness because they see first-hand the benefits it provides not only to individuals but to entire communities.

“People who do more maintenance have fewer problems,” said Cathy Lee, one of the owners at Midland Fitness and 180 Wellness. “We are designed to move and exercise. Too many conveniences are making it difficult for people to get enough exercise to make certain body functions work correctly.”

With this in mind, Lee and her team are helping clients recover from and prevent injuries through the use of corrective exercises and other creative wellness practices.

“Consistent, appropriate exercise is something that cures many things, but many people are in too poor of condition to attempt this safely,” Lee said. “We help you get there with expert exercise instruction from qualified trainers, and excellent care and advice from experienced chiropractors.”

Take charge of your health
Health statistics in the United States are grim. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported last year that nearly 40 percent of American adults and 20 percent of adolescents are obese, the highest obesity rates in U.S. history. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, and more than 100 million American adults are now living with diabetes or prediabetes, according to the CDC.

“Any health statistic you look at indicates poor results from medical and wellness/fitness-related industries,” said Steve Wells, an owner at Midland Fitness and 180 Wellness. “We are trying to offer better solutions to people by showing them how to exercise more efficiently. We show them some corrective moves to help them avoid injuries and minimize the effects of old ones.”

Lee said that electronics and a sedentary lifestyle make the reliance on drugs and surgery “futile at best.”

Services that make a difference
Midland Fitness and 180° Wellness offer proven modalities such as an ozone steam sauna, oxygen lounge, massage, nutrition and supplement expertise, foot and shoe help and thermography, which is a technology used to detect certain diseases and inflammation.

Modalities are therapeutic methods that involve the physical treatment of a disorder. At 180 Wellness, they include KT taping, ultrasound, integrative dry needling, therapeutic exercises, massage therapy and many others.
180 Wellness offers a coordinated medical approach in which specially trained professionals with a common goal work to help patients be proactive about proper health.

Gerhard Rill is a kinesiology and foot mechanics expert who designs custom shoe inserts for clients 180° Wellness. “We know that when foot function is poor, so is the function of the rest of the body,” said Rill. “This often shows itself as back, hip and knee pain. We aim to improve overall biomechanics (how we move) with proper footwear and corrective inserts.” Gerhart and his wife Deb team up to see patients throughout western Colorado while promoting corrective exercise and better posture behavior.

“These modalities and techniques help us create very effective treatments plans for our patients. Different injuries require different techniques of healing as each of us are different,” Wells said. “Once we can identify and fix the true root of the problem, we can usually release patients to do their homework and strengthen their own weaknesses. This is how they become able to regain control of the health once again.”

Preventative vs. reactive costs
Preventative medicine is essential in the fight against rising healthcare costs. In the Colorado high country, health care costs are as much as 50 percent or higher than along the Front Range.

“We try to encourage people to invest more money and effort into good behaviors such as regular exercise, better nutrition, and stress management,” Lee said. “Many companies are incentivizing these behaviors because they know that they help cut overall healthcare costs.”

While Colorado residents rank high on the overall health scale in America, high country residents have higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as overuse and repetitive stress injuries due to our active outdoor lifestyles.

“Our sports medicine care (chiropractic, corrective exercise, massage, trigger point therapy) helps with the many repetitive stress injuries that we see,” Wells said. “The Detox ability of the Ozone Steam Sauna, Oxygen therapy and IV treatments all work together to help people recover from various issues.”

On the non-athletic side, Wells said many patients come in with issues from poor posture and hunching over. A lot of this is due to long hours sitting in front of computers.

“Much of the added strain on health care is from our own poor habits, which people can control,” Lee said.

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