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Why so much money?

A $77 million budget to run Aspen? Just a short five to six years ago, the city was just operating on $20 million. Two to three years ago such rose to $40 million.

What justifies such an increase in income and expense? Are we using increased revenues as an excuse to spend just because it’s there? Are funds being set aside for a rainy day? It does not seem so.

Maybe “Kenny Boy” and his buddies are consulting our city fathers (and mothers) in the ways of Enron ? cooking books, that is. An inflation of only 2 to 4 percent cannot be the cause of such increases. Our auditors don’t last.

KNCB Moore also questions these seeming financial shenanigans ? two old-timers who struggled with our town have the right to question.

We have a beautiful new generation and their children coming to maturation. Don’t we owe them a stable government?

Some seem to think Aspen is almost immune from a national or world recession or depression. Don’t bet on it! It was not in 1893.

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Think, comrades, think!

Taylor Gamblin


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