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Why so irresponsible?

I have just finished reading a letter to the editor from Francis Reynolds of Aspen. I couldn’t agree more that all dogs should be on a leash.

I, too, wrote a letter back in November regarding this issue only to be criticized. What’s up with everyone in this town and their precious dogs?

Not everyone wants to pet your dog! Fortunately, I have never been bitten by a dog and can only imagine how awful that must be. To be bitten on more than one occasion while out on a run is unbelievable.

Francis, I hope you held these pet owners responsible for their pets’ actions. I would think there would or should be some legal consequence for these irresponsible humans.

I wrote my letter last November specifically targeting the individuals that walk their dogs up and down Smuggler. I am sad to report that everyone still thinks it’s no big deal for their dog to run up to, sniff, bark and growl at others.

This would also apply to the individuals that are using the cross-country course on the municipal golf course this winter. What really gets me is not one of these pet owners seems inclined to restrain their dog.

How rude and selfish can you people be? Not only is it the people out using the cross-country course but the people who live on the golf course who routinely let their barking dogs out of their homes to accost people trying to enjoy their walk.

Tell me, you see your dog barking at people outside enjoying the day, why do you let them outside to bark at us? This makes no sense to me.

There is a leash law. I called and confirmed with animal control. I am going to start calling them every chance I get until people start to get the message.

I don’t want to pet your dog, I do not want to be slobbered by your dog, I don’t want to be approached by your dog, and I don’t want to know your dog!

To Francis, good luck on your runs, and might I suggest carrying some pepper spray for your own protection. Honestly, I think after you spray the dog the owner should get it next.

Patti A. Zanin


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