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Why so bitter?

Dear Editor:

After reading the letter to the editor you recently published by Joe Krizmanich, I felt it necessary to write my own in response (“Raping our land,” Sept. 2, The Aspen Times).

First, I would like to ask what point, if any, was Mr. Krizmanich was trying to make?

From what I have read, the “town” he referred to that Mr. Koch is building is on his own private land and will serve as a location for family and business retreats. It is not in “pristine, sacred wilderness,” but actually on land that is not public and has been privately used for ranching and agriculture for generations. It is his private property.

Second, I have a feeling that Mr. Krizmanich’s comments are more motivated by emotion and class envy than any logical argument.

Unfortunately, it probably wouldn’t make any difference to Mr. Krizmanich and those like him that Mr. Koch directly employs hundreds of people in the North Fork Valley. It would probably not matter to them if they knew that Mr. Koch has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the community from hospitals and food banks to libraries and schools. Would it matter to know that Mr. Koch is on the board of the Smithsonian Institute, he loans our much of his collection to museums around the country and he hosts a retreat for authors and historians who focus on Western American history at the ranch annually.

Mr. Krizmanich complains that Mr. Koch should just create a museum for the public in a “friendly city” to create goodwill, class and civility, but it seems to me that the person who is lacking in all of those areas, from his home in Glenwood Springs, is Mr. Krizmanich.

Marc Kanter


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