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Why Salazar?

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

In the March 30 Denver Post, Bill Husted reported on a penthouse gourmet dinner and strategy meeting that took place with Ken Salazar and 20 backers. A March 31 headline referred to how much money these fat cats have put up in order to win the election.

All of this money and attention for a candidate who has yet to state what he believes or what he hopes to accomplish in office.

When President Bush’s father was campaigning for his own re-election, we heard complaints that he could not explain why he wanted to be president. Could the same be said of Ken Salazar and his bid for the U.S. Senate seat?

Does Salazar know why he is running or has he been enticed to sing someone else’s song in exchange for a lucrative Senate seat? Why is he asking us to support him on the basis of his name alone? Where does he stand on issues of health care, foreign policy, alternative energy, job creation and education?

Several of my friends say they support Salazar because he can win. No one can question his record as attorney general. It is superb. Salazar knows Colorado like the back of his hand.

But what value is this expertise in Washington? We need to send someone to the Senate who understands foreign policy, has military and counter-terrorism experience, knows how to improve education, and will stand up to special interests to ensure the health of our citizens and the environment.

Better to give a candidate like Mike Miles the nomination than to elect one based solely on name recognition. That is shallow. It lacks principle. Like the rah-rah Little League parent whose interest is not in the game, but whether or not his kid wins, and winning is everything.

Henry Buslepp

Pagosa Springs