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Why revisit the van?

Dear Editor:

I was surprised to see the van people back on the cover of the paper … but not as surprised as seeing them back behind the wheel of yet another ugly van (“Aspen’s brown van is back … well, maybe,” Aug. 22). Now maybe I misread the last article, but wasn’t alcohol a factor in the accident that left the van couple homeless? What if they had hit a biker or another car on Maroon Creek? Should they be rewarded? Furthermore, couldn’t anybody find a better use for the front page of the newspaper? There are people doing amazing things everyday in this valley; this town has so much talent on every street corner!

What about the people that raised the funds for the van people’s new van? Can’t find talent? This is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, capture some of that beauty and show it off on the front page. Finally, I think that it is great how Aspen takes care of one and other, it shows a real sense of community, but this is supposed to be a classy town. What kind of message are we sending out?

The couple living in their van have been on the front of the paper several times; I’m trying to recall the last time they were in the paper being commended for doing something positive for the community. I guess our small-town newspapers are either confused on what’s news, or trying to cash in on the misfortunes of other people (while somehow making them heroes in the meantime).

John Gates