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Why not protect the clerk?

Dear Editor:Re: “7-Eleven fires clerk,” July 10.The first obligation of government is the protection of its citizens. From the federal government and federal law enforcement right down to local government and local law enforcement, it would appear that the No. 1 obligation in their minds is the protection – indeed, coddling – of gangbangers and foreign criminals.In a single week the newspapers reported a murder, a stabbing and an act of terrorism (the shooting up of the 7-Eleven store). Now we read that the hapless clerk who was the (apparent) object of the shooters has been fired from his pay-nothing job for wearing an otherwise innocuous Border Patrol cap during his nonworking time.You might have thought that 7-Eleven would come out loudly and clearly saying it would not tolerate deadly violence directed at its employees and store; that it would put an armed guard in the store to protect the employees and property; that it would insist the police pull out all the stops and find the terrorists, and that it would offer a large enough reward for someone to cough them up. Nope, not in today’s absurd world of pathological political correctness and lethal multicultural drivel.Government and law enforcement at all levels should know that there is a rapidly growing number of people just like me who have royally had it with the chaos and lawlessness brought by their complete abdication of their first obligation, and we are ready to take matters into our own hands. Indeed, had I been the clerk, by now I would have caught up with these punks (while the cops were busying themselves issuing parking tickets and appearing at dopey “can’t we all just get along” meetings), and they would have had hell to pay.By the way, I just ordered my Border Patrol cap, and I can’t wait to wear it.Mike McGarryAspen

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