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Why not draw on local talent?

Dear Editor:I was disappointed to read that the Aspen Art Museum and the Aspen Skiing Co. have partnered in the hiring of a nonlocal artist to create an image for the ski tickets this winter. I agree it is a good idea to jazz up the ticket, but why not use the talent of a local artist? As I recall, every Wintersköl image for their posters and pins has been designed locally, and they all have been exceptional. It would be great it to keep this a community event by having local artists submit their work to the Aspen Art Museum and have the board decide upon the winner. I think the idea of art on the season ticket is terrific, but the only thing missing is credit given to a local artist and that person offered the same financial opportunity as was given to Yutaka Sone from Los Angeles.Martin GarfinkelThe Roadside GalleryCarbondale

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