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Why not a La-Z-Boy lift?

Dear Editor:

Regarding the proposed redevelopment of our sacred Lift 1A burial site, I humbly suggest a tip of the hat to Aspen’s ski heritage.

Replace the existing Lift 1A with a fixed-grip, slow-speed single chair. That’s right ” the nation’s only slow-speed single chairlift, with extra padding and a mechanism that allows it to recline like a La-Z-Boy chair. The good folks at Poma would jump at the chance to do something a little different. That would certainly be newsworthy.

Nevermind a surface lift from town to get people to the new chair; leave that as valuable open space instead. Make a feeble attempt at preservation. And while you’re at it ” as a “pardon us for the inconvenience during construction” ” cut us a new ski run to the right (skier’s left) of Norway: There’s some classic American ski terrain over there.

Lorenzo Semple III


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