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Why let the Onion close?

Dear Editor:Everything Ashley said in her letter (Letters to the editor, Nov. 30) should bring tears to everyone’s eyes! I recently left Aspen to move back home and the one thing I miss the most is walking into The Red Onion and seeing my “other” family.I started working at The Onion in the summer of 2005 and the memories I left with will never be matched. The Red O is exactly the reason I moved to a small ski town like Aspen, and exactly the reason I left. I could not watch one more condo or high end store open and leave the locals with only a few reasonable places to go.We’re saving the Isis and won’t stop talking about the entrance to Aspen, so why are we letting something this rich in history close? I really miss Wabs and his bear hugs and Al’s famous bloody marys and seeing the colorful locals saddled up to the bar. I have watched the emotions people have when they walk into the bar and remember their own personal memories.The Onion is Aspen and it’s history, but I guess Aspen is moving on without it. Get your love from the bar while you can. Nothing will replace The Onion. I just hope the ghosts don’t haunt the next business that is put in the building. Don’t worry … some of them are nice. And to Wabs and Iggy … you have made something that people are going to remember for the rest of their lives. Not only have you given Aspen a home, but your pure love for its people will be felt well beyond our time. Sending love and hugs … and maybe a few Tuacas … from Memphis!Emily CochranMemphis, Tenn.

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