Why I toot my horn

Dear Editor:

It is most interesting how Emzy Veazy III’s autumn 2002 high finance recommendation to the Glenwood Springs City Council to use “certificates of participation” to trump mighty TABOR was adopted because I knew what I was talking because of both my political-government activism and, especially, my unique banking, stocks and bonds and Wall Street-type background.

It is a powerful stellar fact for Colorado statewide recognition that I came from Glendale, California, and single-handedly took on porcupine TABOR and won with the sensible cooperation of the Glenwood Springs City Council and the Glenwood Springs city staff who eagerly seized a component of Veazyism that now strongly influences today’s Garfield County Public Library District to use “the Veazy Certificates of Participation Financial Instrument Application Approach” to bypass TABOR with no need to use a bond issue requiring voter approval (“Financing libraries with COPs a novel idea,” Glenwood Springs Post Independent, May 21).

Now all levels of government entities and special government-type districts in Colorado are free to use “certificates of participation” to get their imperatives done in a more timely fashion.

One of the beauties of a “certificate of participation” is that it does not show up as normal debt in the regular government accounting practices.

Now some of you readers may wonder why I toot my own horn. Well, many, many years ago I attended a Los Angeles Business Council (a chamber of commerce) mixer at the Hotel Bel-Air in ritzy Bel-Air in West Los Angeles just above UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and near The Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills. One of its dignitaries told me to always proudly brag about my accomplishments because many others would never give me my due credit and honors.

Thank God, The Almighty, I walked into your lives! American supremacy is alive and well as Americans like me work new economic miracles even when so many are against us.

Emzy Veazy III, Esq