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Why I live here

Dear Editor:

I live here because no matter how bad things get – despite all the challenges of love, life and career (and the times in general) – here in Aspen we can always count on:

Flowers of every color and variety that emerge every year from rocky, waterstarved soil.

A blue bird sky that always delights and surprises, bringing hope and promise for a new day.

That intoxicating mountain air that breathes new life into tired souls and cleanses body and mind.

A campfire with friends under a starfilled night sky that evokes laughter, peace and contentment.

That subtle, fall tinge that morphs like a sunset into an explosion of color to remind us even death is beautiful.

The sound of aspen leaves rustling in the wind that take us away, lifts us up and brings us home again and again.

Endless and inspirational vistas and views where the spirit soars and we are reminded how insignificant we really are. The beauty and serenity of a silent snowfall and a moon-lit blanket that turns night to day.

And of course the sensation of flying down a mountain – the freedom of movement and speed – pure ecstasy! Ski season is right around the corner!

These things are all around us and yet – sometimes – we forget they are always within reach, waiting to heal and renew us.

Scott Bayens


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