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Why have a COWOP?

Dear Editor:

Monday the City Council authorized the creation of a new COWOP to study the part of the Lift One project that now consists of basically one hotel, the Lodge at Aspen Mountain. The developer wanted to fast-track this process so that the COWOP would have its work done by the first week in September. The council wisely said no to this. There are no deadlines. Also the COWOP will now be able to consider size and mass, which it could not do previously. But the real question is why at this stage there should be a COWOP at all.

The reason for the COWOP in the first place was to make a master plan for this entire area. But that reason is now gone. The COWOP will study what is basically a land-use proposal to construct one hotel. The other proposed hotel is following a separate track. This is the way the COWOP should view its new task and this is the way we should judge the results.

Jeremy Bernstein


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