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Why fluoride?

Dear Editor:My sister has incurable bone marrow cancer, and her two children, in their 20s, have early symptoms of the same disease. Her husband has no symptoms.Recently they had the well at their property tested, and indeed, it came back with four times the allowable amounts of fluoride.My sister is one of those people who buys all organic food, drinks green tea every day and in general is a health nut. She carried around bottles of her well water, she felt so lucky to have a well.She feared for her husband, being away to work 10 hours of the day, and he never took the water from home. Now he is the only well member of the family.She has six neighbors who have different forms of cancer and lupus.Tests done in Basel, Switzerland, where they cut the city in two and for 10 years gave only one side fluoride, proved that fluoride does nothing to prevent tooth decay. Rich and poor were equal in each area. Rinsing with hydrogen peroxide combined into water will remove plaque and help with dental health. Fluoride is promoted by some dentists, either the ones who are supported by the industry or those who haven’t done their homework.People of Glenwood, beware – yes a little fluoride is OK, just like a little car wreck won’t hurt you completely, maybe it will take years for the effects to show up, but it is poison. Fluoride retards your thyroid, a retarded thyroid causes just about every health crisis there is, but it takes years to develop into something big: diabetes, cancer, arthritis, heart attack … don’t become a major contributor to your doctor.My sister, her children and her neighbors are your guinea pigs. They have proven large amounts of fluoride will cause death. Why have any at all?Donna ThompsonAspen

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