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Why can’t Fred do the math?

Dear Editor:Re-1 Superintendent [Fred] Wall again shows the community why his administration is a failure. He falsely claims Ross Montessori, a new public school, is segregated when, fact is, his schools are racially out of balance.Since Mr. Wall can’t do the math, let’s help him: RMS has 135 students, 110 from Carbondale’s district. With 24 Latino kids from Carbondale, that makes the local enrollment 26 percent Hispanic. Fred’s elementary had 70 percent Hispanic last year. The 2000 census says the community is 32 percent Latino. RMS is 7 percent from the community racial makeup, Crystal River Elementary 38 percent off! Whose recruitment failed? No-brainer, I’d say. The newspaper (Glenwood Springs Post Independent, Sept. 16) quotes CRES as 70-80 percent Latino this year. That doesn’t show a mass change from last year, so where is Wall’s concern? CRES was imbalanced before RMS was created. Why? Five years ago my sister-in-law went to Fred offering to start an elementary outdoor education program with qualified people to run it, and funding. Fred said no thanks, we are about test scores. A year after that, friends of mine told Fred he needed to market our schools. Fred said no thanks, we don’t do that. Year after that another couple told Fred we have a white flight problem in our schools, can we help with that? Fred said, no thanks, we teach whoever walks in the door. Now sayeth Fred, “The district is devising a marketing plan” and “the district needs to advertise its outdoor education opportunities.” Can we ditch the scapegoating and take a remedial math course?Arthur RothmanCarbondale

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