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Who’s to blame?

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:Regarding Emzy Veazy’s latest (Aspen Times, July 8), Mr. Veazy, which is the greater problem: That illegals are taking predominately dishwashing and housekeeping jobs, or that Americans lack the ambition to train for or acquire the skills needed for the more than 100 jobs listed in the July 8 Aspen Times? Typically, only about 20 to 30 percent of available jobs are listed in a given market, thus it may be assumed that Aspen has closer to 400 job openings.Tax cuts without equivalent cuts in spending drives inflation. Inflation is currently outpacing wage increases, and is projected to do so for another eight years. The economic facts, Mr. Veazy, are that deficit spending is hurting the American worker far more than illegal aliens. The party you steadfastly endorse is “buying” votes using tax cuts as if they were so much candy for children, in spite of the economic consequences, which are not that rosy. The second flaw with tax-cut economics is that if you do actually cut spending, you are cutting the goods and services that those taxes pay for, i.e. jobs!No party is getting elected addressing fact-based issues, because we have become a childish electorate buying into smoke-screen rhetoric, name calling, and issues such as gay marriage or the Pledge of Allegiance, which have nothing to do with good, intelligent administration of a nation.Our nation’s infrastructure, dams, highways, bridges, utilities, etc. needs more than $1 trillion dollars in repairs and replacement. Given your priorities, your “American future,” Mr. Veazy, is a pile of broken concrete and rolling blackouts, with a gene pool of right-wing Anglo-Saxon dishwashers, saying “them Mesicans don’t got no business here, they cain’t even speak English.” Mr. Veazy, who is to blame for your inability to buy a ticket to the Pete Coors event – an illegal alien or your own lack of ambition in seeking employment that meets your Republican fund-raising needs? Marco DiazRedstone

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