Who’s the second-class citizen?

Dear Editor:To those like Matthew Starbuck and the other close-minded individuals, please do us open-minded but anti-unlawful behavior people such as Mike McGarry a nonfavor. There’s a group of individuals in the valley looking for people just like you; you can find them where they all line up for the Mexican National Identification (Consular Matricula) card, displaying Mexican flags and carrying such signs as “No second-class citizenship for undocumented immigrants.” Meaning of course, that the Western United States is home to first-class Mexican citizens, and not home to us second-class United States citizens.Please refer to the mythical land of Aztlan,, for new Mexican boundary ownership, and then rethink what you just wrote. Just sign this from a “like-minded McGarry person” who fled a birth-state that once was like Colorado. Be careful what you wish for sir, you may just get it. In fact, you already are as I write this.Marty LichGypsum