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Who’s the fool now?

She: “Why do you drive faster than the posted speed limit?”

They: “Because we can get away with it.”

She: “Isn’t that breaking the law – whether or not you get caught?”

They: “Who cares?”

She: “You don’t care about having a just and orderly and law-abiding society?”

They: “Following rules is only for fools and football players.”

She: “You think all those people who don’t speed and do observe the law are fools?”

They: “Yeah, the speed limits are only guidelines anyway.”

She: “Then why do you get a ticket if you do get caught?”

They: “Because the police are stupid.”

She: “Everyone can’t be stupid or a fool – or we’d never have built the society that we have. But here’s another question. Let me get this right.

You’re saying that it doesn’t matter whether drivers observe the speed limits, because basically we don’t need social order, since it’s everyone for oneself, and in particular, we don’t need speed limits because your destination might not be there when you arrive, it might have disappeared – is that what you mean?”

They: “Well .

She: “And you’re saying that all those people whose responsibilities include enforcing the law should just stop? Police, investigators, attorneys, judges, administrators, bail-bonds people, federal anti-drug agents, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, the Congress, the Supreme Court, and all support staffs – they should all just go home and not care anymore about having a civil society, because they’re all fools anyway?

Tell me, who would you then call for protection or justice or redress when your home gets broken into or your daughter gets assaulted or your pension fund disappears due to financial malfeasance?”

They: “We’d sue!”

She: “Who’s the fool now?”


Old Snowmass

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