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Who’s the bigot?

Dear Editor:

A stuck pig squeals. If Chris Tessem’s latest letter was an attempt to apologize for his previous bigoted remarks, it was far too subtle an effort. You are a bigot Chris, not because you oppose development, but because of your remarks and the reasons you have stated for that opposition. If you only wrote letters about overdevelopment, you would never have heard from me.

Let’s remember what Chris has said:

In his previous letter, he led off with two sentences making fun of how people talk in Texas and the South ” what does that have to do with overdevelopment?

The letter before that was all about how he had gotten stuck in Houston traffic and didn’t want Basalt to turn into Houston ” which is what would happen if Whole Foods (a Texas corporation) came to the valley. Why pick Houston? There are Whole Food stores in Boulder and Denver; have those Colorado cities been ruined by Whole Foods? Do they not have traffic jams as well?

The letter before he expressed support for denying the development application because the beneficiary was going to be a Texas corporation and not the local grocery store (as I’ve pointed out, an Ohio corporation) ” what does Whole Foods being a Texas corporation have to do with overdevelopment? Is development for Ohio corporations OK, but evil for Texas corporations?

Now he lets everyone know how the South has more bigots than “anywhere else” Chris has been. He has, apparently, done a survey and discovered an over representation in the distribution of the world’s bigots in Texas, Louisiana, Florida and Georgia.

Mr. Tessem would now have you believe he didn’t write what was published in his name ” apparently he no longer wants to own his own statements. Why not just apologize for your intemperate statements? Say you were angry and said things that were out of character for you and don’t reflect your true feelings. Don’t add “coward” and “liar” to the word “bigot” that already describes your remarks. If there has been a poison pen in this correspondence, it belongs to Mr. Tessem. I only pointed out his intolerance and bigotry against all things “Texas” (and now the entire South). If it is “poison” to be against bigotry, so be it, it deserves poison, and I’m proud to oppose bigotry. A bigot is as bigot does, sir.

R. Barry Crook


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