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Who’s right about the left?

Dear Editor:Comrade Alan Cole takes exception to my letter of Dec. 27 and accuses me of listening to Limbaugh and O’Reilly as well as not reading history (Aspen Times, Dec. 30).First, while I have heard Limbaugh on few occasions on the radio, I have never listened to O’Reilly. Second, I have read a considerable amount of history. He cites Wilson as a great champion of freedom while in fact he did not commit the United States to saving democracy in World War I until after the war had been raging for almost three years.Further, Wilson was well-known for his anti-Negro views and clearly wasn’t the champion of civil rights that Cole attributes to the Democratic party. While FDR did contribute greatly to the defense of Britain, he supported a vice president, Henry Wallace, who was a well-known admirer of Soviet Russia. In fact, it was Wallace who went to Stalin’s Soviet Russia and said he “has seen the future and it is here.” FDR’s failure was the introduction of the “welfare state” that burdens us today. Yes, the left stands up for workers. They ignore the necessity of capital. They don’t understand that without capital there wouldn’t be work for the workers. Cole brags about the massive Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs. I say these entitlements are out of control and must be modified to accommodate the realities of today’s economy. If private business managed private pension plans like the federal government manages Social Security, the officers would be in jail. Civil Rights legislation was enacted with the full support of Republicans; it was southern Democrats who blocked it for many years. However, the 1960s Civil Rights legislation became the foundation for the Democratic Party-sponsored racial preferences that damage our society today. Lastly, I don’t believe I wrapped myself in the flag or quoted the Bible in my letter. Bill SchafferAspenAspen