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Who’s looking out for Glenwood?

(This letter was also sent to members of the Glenwood Springs City Council.)Dear Editor: I’ve been told that the new road through Glenwood Meadows was deliberately improperly constructed without any road base, with the developers knowing that in two years the city of Glenwood Springs would be responsible for maintaining that road, thus letting the developers off the hook.This was confirmed to me by a City Council member. Of course I know that it will be the taxpayers of Glenwood Springs who will bear the full responsibility for the developers’ deplorable behavior when this road falls apart.I have several questions. Who on the council or city staff was responsible for such an agreement? Who was supposed to be looking out for the citizens of Glenwood Springs as this development progresses and seemingly failed to do their job. How could this have happened? What other shabby and inadequate decisions are being made by the developers regarding Glenwood Meadows that will sooner then later come back to bite us after they have made their millions and are long gone. I think every citizen of Glenwood Springs deserves an immediate answer to these questions. I would like present and past members of the City Council and city staff who have been involved with this development to organize a public meeting and in detail explain how such a thing could have happened and what is being done to keep similar situations from ever happening again. Full disclosure on these issues is the very least that is owed to the taxpayers of Glenwood Springs. I await your reply.Sheila MarkowitzGlenwood Springs

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