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Who’s in whose pocket?

Dear Editor:

When the owner of the Aspen Daily News tries to stir things up with misinformation and false accusations, even in good humor, ignoring it is not an option. In this case, Dave Danforth’s Sunday column spoof, “Mick Owns The Red Ant,” was a bit arcane, but his inaccurate representation of The Red Ant’s position on the newest council member was plenty clear, “Then they ridiculed the winner, Jackie Kasabach.” Not true. This is exactly what we published in Issue No. 16 on http://www.TheRedAnt.com: “Welcome New City Council Member!”

Jackie Kasabach, retired from the management team at The Gant, was appointed by Aspen City Council to complete the term of the late J.E. DeVilbiss. Jackie is known as thoughtful, personable, a good listener and very dedicated to our community. Those who have served with her in prior civic duties and business projects predict that she will do her own thinking, while studying the issues and listening to a variety of perspectives.

We hear that she is passionate about issues but always respectful and very professional. Everyone has said that she will never join in the bad behavior, name calling, and ill-tempered unprofessional antics we have seen from three of the four current council members. (Dwayne Romero, known for his professionalism and gentlemanly conduct, is surely pleased to have Jackie’s company to help raise the standard of appropriate demeanor toward citizens.) Dawn of a new day? It’s possible. The end of immaturity, temper tantrums and irrational deportment in council meetings? The Ant, relentlessly optimistic, is standing by with great hope.

Our “ridicule” was reserved for the bad boys of the City Council and their ill-mannered ANTics.

But the best line of Mr. Danforth’s column, referencing The Red Ant(s), was “Mick’s got them in his pocket.” But ants in the mayor’s pants pocket may not be as comfortable as having the newspaper there!

The Red Ant

Marilyn Marks

Elizabeth Milias


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