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Who’s driving this bus?

Dear Editor:

Can you imagine if Harry Truman or Dwight Eisenhower were in charge when last week’s events at Fort Hood took place? The first the thing they would have done is to board a plane to Texas, gotten the base commander on the carpet and reamed him up one side and down the other and more than likely demanded he resign his commission posthaste. Instead, we had to watch this clown who is more than likely more interested in what happens at the Officer’s Club and the Fort Hood Golf Complex or going on “The Larry King Show” offering his assessment of the events. Is anybody in charge here?

Why are Muslim radicals counseling our troops on their way to combat theaters in the Mideast or on the way back? Particularly one who didn’t do well at Walter Reed Hospital in his assessment. Doesn’t anyone know how to think in America any longer, to take responsibility, to be outraged, to fire incompetents?

If anyone is dismayed why we are in the state we are in, in the United States, let this be a chapter-and-verse guide for you. The current American malaise starts at the top and “trickles down.” We deserve better.

Gary Weaver


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