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Who’s driving this bus?

Dear Editor:

Being a person who watches the news a lot I get more disgusted about the politicians who are running for president on the GOP ticket and the tea party ticket! Where have these people been? Under a rock, or have their heads been buried in the sand? I listen but I don’t hear anything, just a lot of nothing and empty promises.

No wonder Texas is burning up with Perry’s hot air spouting forth. He brags about jobs he created in Texas but nothing about Texas being No. 1 in low-paying jobs in America and nearly leading in poverty levels – yet we all know Texas leads in B.S.!

He doesn’t believe in global warming (while Texas burns), doubts evolution and keeps shooting himself in the foot by uninformed statements! Each candidate promises the moon and even Michele Bachmann claims she will put gas prices back in the two-dollar range; doesn’t she know the price of gas isn’t controlled by the president?

Then there is Sarah Palin lurking in the wings waiting to declare she is in the running for president but she couldn’t finish her term as governor so how could she handle the highest office in the land?

All the candidates, tea party and GOP say they will create jobs but how can they fight the huge corporations that send all the jobs overseas?

Obama is trying many things that worked when Roosevelt was in office and I was a kid but the “no” factor in Congress won’t try anything that might work. The so-called conservative right held fast during the previous administration and our infrastructure has gone to pot and with their thinking our future will put train-travel out of the question and we will return to the days of stage-coach travel.

You can’t make progress sitting on your hands and not spending money to improve our country’s worth because if changes are not made now, in 10 years costs will grow out of sight! Speaking of jobs, Ford Motors just announced they are building a billion-dollar plant in India that will create 5,000 jobs there, plus one more plant in China and Thailand. That’s 15,000 jobs not for Americans! Just saw on CNN a man that moved his company to China awhile back and now he is moving it back to the USA – maybe it’s a start?

God bless America and may he protect us from idiot politicians!

Chris Tessem


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